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Test Equipment

DPS 423 Electronic Component Test Station

Simplify your repair and qualification processes. The DPS 423 Electronic Component
Test Station enables the ability to quickly test and diagnose components of the DPS 2020-He ETD. This station allows for quick connections via in circuit test probes, simulates turbine RPM, pressure, and voltage. The DPS 423 includes many other testing features.


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DPS 450 Test and Calibration Box

The new DPS 450 Test and Calibration Interface Box is a single unit that can communicate with DPS ETDs, HTDs, Linkers and Repeaters. All functionality is provided by a single USB cable to the host computer and point-to-point cabling to the service monitor and device under test. This simplifies the test station and reduces complexity in troubleshooting cables.

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DPS 8035 ETD Test Device

The DPS 8035 ETD Test Device is a fully functional HTD that operates on 120/240 VAC. The radio is mounted in a shielded, 110 dB attenuated enclosure. This attenuation simulates miles of distance between the HTD and ETD allowing the user to test the ETD as if it were on a very long train when only feet away from the ETD.


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The DPS 400-I Locomotive Control Unit Interface Box (LCUIB) enables bench testing including radio for any brand Integrated HTD. This device includes a banana plug for 15v with an easy to replace adapter cable. DB9 for connection to HTD, LSI/IFC select and DB9/RS232 interface. 


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