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Freight Train

DPS Solutions

DPS 2020-He-LD ETD

The DPS 2020-He ETD and DPS 2020-He-LD are some of the lightest ETDs in the industry, weighing in at 18.2 lbs - lighter than any other commercially available device. Air driven with a battery backup, these devices will ensure that your crews are safe, and your equipment secured.


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DPS 3030 HTD

The DPS 3030 HTD Head of Train Devices increase the communication test rate incrementally over time to optimize the likelihood of a successful communication with the End-of-Train device. When used in combination with a DPS 3030 HTD, communication loss is significantly reduced.


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The DPS 8020 and DPS 8100 Linkers are handheld, self-powered ETD and HTD arming and testing devices. These portable devices will arm an ETD to an HTD, quickly diagnose and differentiate between ETD/HTD failures and monitor ETD, HTD and Repeater traffic.


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The DPS 9000 and DPS 9000 IB YACs are labor-saving devices designed to automatically conduct and document Class One air brake tests. Automating the Class One test eliminates human error, improves efficiency and increases the detail of FRA documentation. Both devices communicate data to the back office in near real time, allowing supervisors to monitor tests while they occur.


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DPS 4040-E-PM

The DPS 4040-E and 4040-E-PM Repeaters eliminates the “ping-pong” effect, not repeating data packets from another repeater, which reduces unnecessary traffic. With 2GB of storage, all traffic and events are stored for testing and documentation. The 4040-E and 4040-E-PM incorporates two Ritron DTX-460 8 W narrowband radios. 



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The DPS 521 ETR and DPS 520 HTR are designed to extend the life of ETD and HTD fleets. These drop-in radios use existing mounting hardware and connections with no modifications required.

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The DPS 400-CM and DPS 400-I Locomotive Control Unit Interface Box allow for bench testing for any console mount HTD devices. Testing includes functionality of emergency tests, wheel counter and more.

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DPS Mac Jaw

DPS offers a wide variety of accessories, from car chargers for our devices to the DPS 816 Mac Jaw. Ever expanding, there are plenty of convenient options for your business.

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