DPS 9000-IB (Mobile) YAC – Yard Air Controller

• Weight: 22 lbs. including gladhand connections
• Enclosure Dimensions (not including antenna and hoses):
10.62” L x 9.68” W x 6.87” D
• Powered by internal battery with 2-3 days of usage before a charge is needed.
Includes both AC and car charger.
• Light and compact design allows for mobile use on multiple tracks.


Highly Automated and easy to use:
• Advanced Self-diagnostics
• Guided/Simple testing dialog customized to Customer specifications
• Support for custom dialogs to comply with policy Eg: Blowing out airlines
prior to connection with a train
• Device control lock out for Carmen safety (Virtual Blueflag)
• Displays linked control devices
• Displays leakage rate PSI per minute
• Pressure for Head and Rear end pressure
• Digital air flow meter (AFM)
• Uses ETD or an analog pressure gauge at end of train
Benefits unique to DPS 9000 YAC:
• DPS supports self-calibration of the device reduces annual
maintenance costs
• YAC controller interface can be configured to customer needs
• YAC back office data is transmitted in near real time and is easily analyzed
for productivity reports, history, etc.
• Increase efficiency and reduced operating cost
• Air Pressure and Flow measurements are recorded every 2 seconds,
allowing detailed analysis of testing.
• Every user action is recorded and time stamped, providing a clear picture
of how the test was performed.
• Increases consistency of Class I Air Brake Test


The DPS 9000 YAC-IB – Yard Air Controller is a labor saving device to
automatically conduct and document Class One air brake tests. Automating the
Class 1 test eliminates human error, improves efficiency, and increases the detail
of documentation.
A user is guided step by step through the Class 1 or Class 3 test. Easy to
follow prompts are customizable to achieve railroad operational goals.
Using an electronic device such as a tablet, computer or smartphone, a Carman
can remotely control all parameters of the yard air:
• Brake Application
• Brake Release
• Air Flow Monitor (AFM)
• Air Pressure Monitor
• Measure Air Leakage Rate
The YAC eliminates the need for personnel to travel back and forth to the
yard air valves to set and release brakes.
The DPS 9000 YAC-IB communicates with the back office to electronically
record the initial terminal test. Data is sent to the back office in near real time,
allowing supervisors to monitor test while they occur.
Historical data is easily analyzed using a built-in reporting tool. Many data
points are stored including:
• Time of each test step and user action
• Track, Train Symbol
• Start/End Pressure and Flow
• Leakage in PSI
• Much More
Data can easily be exported to Excel for advanced analysis

DPS 9000-IB (Mobile) YAC – Yard Air Controller

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