DPS 450 Test and Calibration Interface Box

The new DPS 450 Test and Cal Interface Box is a single unit that can communicate with DPS
ETDs, HTDs, Linkers, and Repeaters. All functionality is provided by a single USB cable to the host
computer and point to point cabling to the service monitor and device under test. This simplifies
the test station and reduces complexity in troubleshooting cables.


Connection to the device under test is achieved by one of 3 included cables to test ETDs, Linkers,
HTDs & Repeaters. Allowing for one station to easily switch between testing most DPS Devices.


• RS232 to USB Adapter - Communication with ETD Software
• ETD audio via BNC connector - Measure receive audio, SINAD
• Ritron 1 Wire Programming adapter
• PTT Trigger for Repeaters
• Boot Mode trigger for HTD and Repeaters
• RS232 - HTD LSI Communications

DPS 450 Test and Calibration Interface Box

  • You can view product flyer HERE.

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