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DPS 2020-He ETD

  • Safety

  • Innovation

  • Durability/Reliability

  • Lower Life Cycle Costs

  • Advanced Features/Ease of Use

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DPS 8035 ETD TEST BOX (Close Proximity)

The DPS 8035 is the ETD Bench Top Test Box Solution. The 8035 radio is attenuated to simulate long distance TX. There is also a non-attenuated 8036 version available.

  • 7" Color Touch Screen Display

  • Compact 13" x 7" x 5", Lightweight – 9 lbs.

  • Advanced electronics and data logging features – 8 GB SD card will store years of continuous data

  • Attenuated Ritron – DTX-445 8W, 12.5 KHz narrowband radio

  • Extremely easy to operate

  • Available with English and Spanish

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DPS 9000-IB (Mobile) YAC – Yard Air Controller

The DPS 9000 YAC-IB – Yard Air Controller is a labor saving device to
automatically conduct and document Class One air brake tests. Automating the
Class 1 test eliminates human error, improves efficiency, and increases the detail
of documentation.​

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